Art and History

In the city center which is 5 minutes by bus you will find …

  • La Domus del Chirurgo d’Epoca Romana” which has been recently restored and is open to the public.
  • “Palazzo Gambalunga” which is home to the library and the local art gallery.
  • The Tiberius Bridge and the Augustus Arch.
  • The Malatesta temple and the Malatesta castle.
  • The city museum and the museum of Federico Fellini.

For those who wish to travel by car, there are many interesting places to visit in the surrounding areas:

  • San Marino is the older republic in the world.
  • Urbino is a city rich of history and was also the birthplace of the painter Raphael. It has been considered as World Heritage by UNESCO since 1998.
  • Gradara castle, which was the scene of the drama by Paola and Francesco from Rimini.
  • San Leo, whose prisons have hosted the likes of Count Alessandro of Cagliostro.
  • Many other fascinating places to visit are the likes of Montebello, Santarcangelo, Verruchio, Montefiore